VIP Taxi Transfer

VIP taxi transfer in North Cyprus

This is the first service in North Cyprus again; we wish to give a real meaning to the concept of VIP transfers. Our company specializes in delivering our clients to their desired destination safe, comfortable and in style. We use only experienced, courteous drivers, many of whom can speak English, to safely deliver you to your destinations promptly using the most efficient routes.

Our Service includes, Daily Newspapers, Refreshments and many more things that you can see while making your reservation.

The vehicle, which you have selected comes equipped with Wi-Fi, hot / cold drinks, alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, music and meal options that appeal to your taste.

Our drivers can assist you through all the airport procedures and if required, escort you to your boarding gate.

We guarantee to make your journey a smooth and pleasant experience.

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Lütfen dikkatle okuyunuz

  1. Havalimanına gidiyorsanız, adresinizden alınma saati, yolculuğunuzdan 1 gün önce 19:00 ile 21:00 arasında SMS ile bildirilir.
  2. Havalimanından alınacaksanız, çıkış kapısında karşılama, yolcu adı veya mtstur yazılı logo ile olacaktır.
  3. Paylaşımlı transfer için kişi başı 1 küçük ve 1 büyük valizden fazlası varsa lütfen belirtin. Bildirilmeyen ek valizler araca alınmaz.
  4. Yolculuğunuza saat kalana kadar revervasyon yapabilirsiniz.